Generate brilliant new ideas as a team in a creative environment!



Global Innovation Game is a team building activity that invites delegates to generate brilliant new ideas in a creative environment. Delegates come together to create new innovative products and services which are then pitched to their fellow colleagues or team members. 

Do you have what it takes to become an innovator? 

Each team receives an even selection of coloured playing cards labelled ‘object’, ‘tech’ and ‘data’. Individuals in each team pick a card of each colour and produce either a Smart Object, Service or Tool. Teams deliberate and discuss their innovations, choosing the best idea from their group. They validate the selected team idea and make a two-minute pitch which will be presented to the room. The winning team receives the ‘big investment’ and are crowned the winners of Global Innovation Game. 


“A team building game that brings everything back to basics.

Global Innovation Game will get your delegates openly talking, innovating and creating ideas without the help of search engines, powerpoints and screens. It is a fun and rewarding collaborative team experience that encourages creativity and rewards those who are most innovative



Global Innovation Game is proven to be an effective tool for exploring effective communication and conflict resolution in a fun way that engages all participants and stimulates real-life scenarios for later reflection.

How we like to innovate is shaped by many things – the organisational culture we belong to, the appetite for new products in the market place, our personality type and much more. Research has proved that there are clear links between Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and our approach to innovation. In particular, our MBTI personality type influences how we participate in the innovation process and the categories of ideas we are naturally attracted to including the ideas that we accept and readily dismiss.

Knowing about MBTI has helped teams navigate the innovation process more effectively and successfully generate and implement more ideas.

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Our digital version of Global Innovation Game allows your team to innovate together from all corners of the globe. Delegates are split into virtual teams and must work together online to come up with the winning innovate idea. For more information on Digital Global Innovation Game, click here.